Ealing Save our NHS newsletter – 16/08/18

Ealing Save Our NHS calls for a halt to outsourcing OOH services & a bit of a protest

August is meant to be a quiet month but obviously not this year. This Friday we have a protest against privateers Virgin Care and have been busy stirring the pot over the risks of the planned outsourcing of most of our Community Health Services to a single provider by our local health bosses. Read more below.
Virgin Care Protest this Friday 17th August 1.00pm -2.00pm
Virgin Care who are now the leading private provider of our NHS services are putting in a bid to run our Community Health Services here in Ealing. As part of their drive to win the Contract they are coming to Ealing Town Hall this Friday to meet the voluntary sector in a ‘community engagement’ event. ESON is totally opposed to private providers running our vital NHS services and we will be outside Ealing Town Hall on Friday at 1.00pm with leaflets and banners to say “Virgin Care are not welcome here” It would be great if you can join us.

ESON letter calls for halt to OOH Tender Process due to risks

Ealing Save Our NHS has sent a detailed letter to Ealing CCG (local NHS bosses), NHS Improvement and NHS England (national NHS bosses) spelling out our concerns about the planned outsourcing of our Community Health Services and the serious risks it poses to the future of Ealing Hospital and our local Trust, which currently runs many of these services. A number of similar contracts have failed but as far as we can see Ealing CCG has taken no account of this at all.
Our letter calls on the process to be halted until such time as these issues are satisfactorily addressed. We have also sent the letter to local MP’s, GLA, the Mayor and to Ealing Council’s Health Committees asking them to act. You can read more about how Ealing Hospital will be affected and the risks of this contract in our letter which is attached here.

Get West London story on Ealing & Charing Cross A&E cuts:

Local reporter Martin Elvery has been chasing up NHS bosses to find out the latest news on A&E cuts. As far as we can see there is no change but good to see our local media keeping up the pressure. Read here

North West London CCGs waste Millions says Guardian

North West London NHS bosses, including Ealing are once again in the news in this damning article on the 100’s millions wasted on management consultants. Read article here

Charing Cross campaigners organise protest against GP at Hand:

Save Our Hospitals (Hammersmith & Charing Cross) have been in the forefront of a campaign to highlight the threat to GP services of private outfit ‘GP at Hand’ (aka Babylon) who offer GP services by an App on your phone and are in effect siphoning money off from normal GP practices. They had a well attended protest last month, which we were pleased to support. You can read more here

Petition to stop Virgin suing when it loses contracts:

Last year Virgin Care have made around 2 million pounds by suing the NHS in Surrey when they failed to win a contract, money which should have been spent on providing front-line NHS services. A 38 degrees supporter wants to stop that happening again – you can sign to support here

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