Questions to Candidates in the Ealing Council Elections 3rd May 2018

Question 1  The Big “Sell Off” of Ealing’s NHS


Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group is advertising for a single contractor to run “out of Hospital” services for 10 years.  This contract, tendering out Ealing’s NHS services is worth over half a billion pounds of public money.


Do you support or oppose this tendering out and possible privatisation of huge amounts of NHS services in Ealing?  Have the local meetings of your Party discussed this proposal and if so what are their views?


If your Party supports this tender of NHS services, how do you believe those who won such a huge contract would be accountable to us, the public?


Or, if your party opposes this tendering out of public services, just what has it done about it?


Question 2  The Future of Ealing Hospital


The plans to cut the blue light A&E and hundreds of beds at Ealing hospital have not substantially changed since they were made 6 years ago?  Do you support those plans, as laid out in “Shaping a Healthier Future”?


If your Party supports the plans to somehow replace hundreds of hospital beds with health care in the community, please explain how on earth this this could work as there are so far no examples in the UK or abroad.

If your Party opposes the plans, can you specify what your party has done about it?