Private Healthcare Companies are Looking for Business and Profit


Window to the Womb Ealing




If you Google – ‘Antenatal Scans at Ealing Hospital’  two sites top the search. Ealing Hospital which offers antenatal care. and  the private company Window to the Womb Ealing, which claims to be ‘Specialists in Well-being, Gender & 4D Baby Scans’


It is hardly surprising that with  the closure of the Maternity Unit at Ealing  Hospital the private company, Window to Womb, has moved into Ealing and is leafleting the area offering  ante natal scans. They offer a dazzling number of scans for women throughout their pregnancy – costs for a scan start at £55.


One of the scans on offer is for gender.  Their website trumpets that 


We offer our  99.9% accurate  Well-Being & Gender Scan from 16-22 weeks for just £59, you can visit us a full 4 weeks before the NHS scans for gender.


Screening specifically for gender is controversial and many NHS hospitals do not offer it unless it is for genetic abnormalities that only one sex inherits.  


Window To The Womb  Ealing website does not tell expectant women  who are enticed to use their services what happens if a scan reveals possible problems or abnormalities.  On inquiring about this possibility expectant mothers are told they will be quickly referred to ‘a doctor’. For most without private health insurance or very large bank accounts that will be an NHS doctor. Once again private companies take the profit and the NHS  is left to deal with the problem.


Window to the Womb registered with the Care Quality Commission  on the 10th March 2015  however as of  the 22nd March 2018  the Care Quality Commission report that  “We have not inspected this service yet.”