Letter to NHSI London and NHSE London Directors of Finance

6 February 2018

We are a group of concerned North West London (NWL) residents, who have invested considerable time and effort in studying regional and local plans for healthcare services in this area. In November 2017 a letter written by NHSI/NHSE London to NHS NWL CCG Accountable Officers came into our possession. The letter asks for further evidence based assurances before committing financial resources to the SaHF ImBC SOC1. At the heart of these concerns is the lack of evidence to support an annual Non–Elective (NEL) admissions reduction of 99,000 by 2025/26.

Read the rest of the letter here and the letter to Colin Stanfield regarding A&E perfomance :


ESON NHSI Letter 6 FEB 2018 FINAL.docx
Letter to Colin Standfield re The Lost £190 million, and A&E Performance (2) (1)