NHS Birthday Celebration Outside Ealing Hospital

Ealing Save Our NHS organised a lovely NHS 69th Birthday celebration on Wednesday 5th July.
The weather was great and there were lots of smiling faces, especially among our wonderful Ealing Hospital staff who were greeted with loud cheers when they joined us so they know we think they how much we appreciate them. 
We were joined by Virendra Sharma MP, GLA member Onkar Sahota, Ealing Councillors and lots of local people from Southall & Ealing.
We had some speeches, sang NHS songs and most importantly tucked in to a beautiful 18″ square birthday cake.
There were banners, balloons and a two metre long birthday card provided by the TUC and Health Campaigns Together to add to the atmosphere.
All in all a good day with a really good feeling of unity and determination to defend our local hospital too.

Ealing Save our NHS celebrate the 69th Birthday of the NHS from Ealing Save Our NHS on Vimeo.