Dr Mark Porter Chairman of the BMA sent a letter to all English MPs

Summary of letter sent by Dr Mark Porter Chairman of the BMA to all English MPs.

How can they improve health and social care performances and outcomes with a 16% budget cut?

The chairman of the BMA has written a letter to all English MPs with concern of the conception, lack of adequate consultation of the medical profession and haste in the STP implementation.

The idea that an overarching organisation (STP) will bring together the various components of the NHS (Trusts) and local authorities responsible for Social Care and will be able to provide higher quality medical & social care at lower cost is unconvincing.

The lack of consultation and rushed time table, Mark Porter suggests is a smoke screen to save money. The evidence that health will improve is not adequately documented.

The General Practitioners (GPs) who are at the heart of the reorganisation have not been fully consulted and some have no knowledge of the STPs.

Thus the BMA has reservations as to whether the STPs will offer a more coordinated joined up health and social care system with a proposed 16% budget cut.