NW London Hospital A&E Units Failing Patients

Performances of some of the major London trusts
Performances of some of the major London trusts for September 2016

Latest NHS figures for September 2016 show that Hillingdon Hospital A&E provided the worst service for seriously ill (Type 1) patients in the whole of England. The combined Type 1 figures for Northwick Park Hospital and Ealing Hospital A&E units were 11th worst nationally. Charing Cross and St Mary’s Hospitals’ combined A&E performance came out 12th worst.

NW London A&E performance plummeted in September 2014 following the closure of both Central Middlesex Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital A&E units. Since this date A&E performance throughout NW London has never materially improved.

This consistent poor performance is all the more worrying given the fact that there has been no increase in demand for A&E services in NW London at least since Spring 2013 (when NHS A&E performance data was first extracted and analyzed).

Thanks to Colin Standfield for continuing to extract and analyze this NHS data.

You can download the files with  the full sets of figures here and here