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Local Health bosses have paid out millions of pounds to management consultants and professional public relations staff – money that could have gone to front line NHS staff.

Their message is that services will somehow be mysteriously be improved by closing hospital departments, cutting services and putting NHS contracts out to tender on the private market.

But the battle to save Ealing Hospital and our NHS continues and we need your support.


Ealing Save Our NHS just relies on local people giving their time and money.  We have given out hundreds of thousands of leaflets on the streets; we have to pay for posters, meeting rooms and other costs.

Please contribute to our fight to save NHS services, locally and nationally.  It really is appreciated.

We’d like to thank donors here online, but if you want to be anonymous and discreet, let us know.


To donate please click on the button below or you can contact us if you prefer to donate in other ways.

Thank you from Ealing Save our NHS