Mansfield Commission says no basis for hospital Closures

mansfieldThe long awaited Independent Healthcare Commission report on North West London was launched on 02/12/2015 at a press conference in the Royal Festival Hall.  Campaigners from Ealing and Hammersmith were delighted to hear the report endorsing everything we have been saying.  It was covered by the BBC, ITN, London and local press. Will Hunt listen?  We need to make him! We need to take every opportunity to use the report and expose the truth.


Key recommendations of the report include:

  • The decision to close Ealing maternity unit should be reversed immediately
  • Reopen the A&E department at Central Middlesex Hospital
  • The National Audit Office should undertake a review of the programme’s value for money
  • A new public consultation is needed as the proposals have changed significantly
  • •Substantial investment should be made in GP and out-of-hospital services
  • •Ealing and Charing Cross hospitals must retain full ‘blue light’ A&E services for the foreseeable future


The report can be read here

BBC coverage here