What are they really doing to our hospitals?

leaftletThe truth is that health bosses still intend to knock down both Ealing Hospital and Charing Cross and replace them with far smaller units. Hundreds of beds would go, along with the existing Accident and Emergency Departments. These plans are in a document called ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’, which is supported by local health chiefs, and the Government.

They tell us they will SPEND £80 MILLION on new NHS facilities, but what they DON’T say is that this money is just to pay for their small replacement hospitals with a quarter of the beds there are now. Then they would sell off the remaining land to property developers.

Health bosses say Ealing and Charing Cross will keep our A&Es. But in the small print these so-called A&Es would not take emergency ambulances or have consultant cover. They will be urgent care centres, the real A&Es would be miles away.

Now they are closing our Maternity!

Health bosses are going to close Ealing Hospital Maternity Unit on July 1st, along with gynaecological services. After that, there will be no more babies born in Ealing, except at home.

So once again, Southall is chosen for cutbacks…Southall mothers will be affected the most. Next year, the same people want to close our paediatric (children’s) services.

These closures have no public support, they are part of Government plans to cut and privatise our NHS.

Government-appointed health bosses have plenty of money for their friends: in the last two years North West London NHS has given £33 million pounds of our NHS money to private management consultants, to advise them how to cut and privatise local hospital services.

One firm called McKinsey & Co has been paid £27,000 every day for the last year. That alone could have been used to pay for over 300 new nurses.

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