Write to your GP

You can talk to your GP or give them a letter to ask them to call a halt to the closure on 30th June.

If you choose to write a letter we do encourage you to write in your own words, for instance with your personal story of taking your child to the A&E if you can, otherwise you can state how the closure of the Children’s Ward might affect you, your family and friends and your community.

You should also ask your GP to do something to oppose the closure of Charlie Chaplin Children’s Ward and the plans to exclude children from treatment at Ealing A&E.

You could also ask what guarantees there would be that the London Ambulance Service can move seriously ill children to another hospital quickly enough – they are failing to meet agreed times now and may consider a child as safe once they are at Ealing. 

You might also want to ask how the CCG could plan to exclude children from the A&E when it has failed to come up with figures on the number of children that attend A&E.

You can  also download a template letter for your GP  here

You can also write to your local councillors