Stop Privatising the NHS!

While the focus is on the massive cuts and closures programme, another nasty process is taking place within the NHS – privatisation.  More and more parts of the NHS are now being run by private profit making companies.  These companies are allowed to use the NHS logo, so it’s not obvious what’s going on. For example,the Urgent Care Centre at Ealing Hospital is private, along with many other services.
£8.7 billion pounds of NHS money – our money is now given to private providers to operate services on behalf of the NHS.  That’s 7.6 % of the overall budget and it’s growing all the time.
Plans to cut and restructure the NHS are being drawn up at great cost – not by NHS staff, but by private consultancy firms.  This article shows the fat cats are getting so confident they think it’s THEIR RIGHT to make profit out of our NHS.  Just a few miles away from us in Surrey, Virgin are suing the local NHS!
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  • Colin Moore

    The very worst example of this privatisation I can think of is Capita. For a bonus in pay, a Capita employee sent to a benefit claimant’s home to ‘assess’ the claimant for PIPs (Personal Independence Payments) – that is the money on which to live for a seriously disabled person – will do all they can to fail that claimant and thus deprive the claimant of their vital income. The fact that 65% of claimants’ appeals – when it gets to court – succeed shows just how corrupt and nasty this privatised service is. And it’s costing the country £1m a week, all these court appeals. Scotland has already banned for-profit organisations doing the assessments.

    You might find this a useful link – a petition to stop it happening in England, Wales and Northern Ireland :

    Just copy and paste this to your Internet browser :-